Great Neighbors

Friday before last, I came home to find this on my front porch — a bottle of Running with Scissors, my new favorite everyday wine and a sachet. Happy Friday, indeed! Vance, my 18 month old next door neighbor knew I had had a rough week and brought me the perfect remedy. I can only assume his mom Carlin helped him with the purchase of said beverage, as he is underage. But what a great way to leave behind a perfectly dreadful week!

Happy Friday! <3 Vance

Happy Friday!

Since it wasn’t an unbearably hot evening, I poured a glass and sat outside with Carlin, Vance and the dogs. Pretty soon, Mike was home, Carlin’s aunt and uncle had dropped by and it was pretty much a party. Bourbon laid in the shade and supervised, but Vance and Kenzie had a great time playing with sticks in the yard. Kenzie would drag a hefty sized stick and chew on it for awhile, then Vance would drag a big stick behind him and Kenzie would run and break half of it out of Vance’s hand as Vance watched a bit bewildered wondering why half of his stick disappeared. Do I have pictures of this? No. Even when I went in for a refill, I never once thought to grab my camera. I did get a couple the next day, but neither Vance nor the dogs felt like vamping for the camera.

Bourbon eyeballing Vance's snack!

Bourbon eyeballing Vance’s snack!

This weekend, I’m dog-sitting while the humans go visit the grandparents. It’s been pretty uneventful and I even caught a glimpse of Molly the cat. I did have my camera when Kenzie abruptly stopped and pointed in the backyard (of course she had put her paw down a second before I snapped the picture).

Kenzie spies something!

Kenzie spies something!

It was a white cat. The same white cat that made Dudley chuff nervously whenever we passed him. He lives at the house behind Carlin and Mike, but he’s been making himself at home in their backyard and every now and then, I see him in my backyard.

It is a blurry kitty!

It is a blurry kitty!

Kenzie was a good girl and didn’t charge after the cat. I called her and she happily dashed into the house and proceeded to dance for a treat. Bourbon was thumping his tail against the wall, a sound I have missed since Dudley lost his hearing about a year before he died.

Kenzie looking pretty!

Kenzie looking pretty!

Shoeful of Drool has had some renovations at the ole “kennel” and there are a few more things that I need to do before I’m ready for another dog to come live here, but it is all coming along nicely. That is part of the reason I’ve been somewhat slack in my blog postings (the other part of the reason is it’s hot and I’m uninspired and lazy) but I would like to invite you to check out and “Like” our Facebook page. I do add humorous tidbits I find floating in the ether of cyberspace daily.

“How’s it going Mr. Peterson?”
“It’s a dog eat dog world, Woody, and I’m wearing milk bone underwear.”
Norm from Cheers

About Shoeful of Drool

I lived with a golden retriever/German shepherd mix named Dudley. Dudley was a rescue from Hurricane Floyd and he lived with me from October 1999 until he passed away in December 2012. In January 2001, Zoe a black & tan hound mix came to live with us until she died in June 2011. I truly believe having dogs has made me a better person. Every single day these dogs still give me something to laugh about and I hope by sharing these stories you can laugh, too.
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5 Responses to Great Neighbors

  1. Love that quote from Cheers. I hope this week is off to a better start for you! If not, feel free to pick up another bottle of everyday wine (my humans call that “value wine”!). 🙂

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