And the Winner is . . .

Miss Harper Lee, the Golden Girl who has wonderful adventures in Louisiana! I promise I do have pictures of Vance Orion selecting the winner, but apparently the USB cable for my camera has bitten the dust. Please let me know your preference for a Target or Amazon gift card and where to send it. I’m so excited for you, coming right on the heels of your birthday! Congratulations!

I know you’ve just been holding your breath to learn the answers to the questions in Let’s Get Quizzical, so here they are!

1. There were 2 dogs in the Archie comics/television cartoons. Can you name both? Hot Dog and Chili Dog

2. The family dog appeared in only one episode of the Brady Bunch, do you know his name? Tiger – Jan was allergic to his shampoo

Tiger from the Brady Bunch

Tiger from the Brady Bunch

3. The Partridge Family also had a dog that appeared in a few episodes, what was her name? Simone

4. What was the name of the American Bull Terrier (Pit Bull) in the Little Rascals Our Gang series? Petey

5. Alexander the Great had a favorite dog who went to war with him, what was his name? Ducky discussed this at length on an episode of NCIS. Peritas, breed unknown; although, Ducky refers to him as a mastiff in the NCIS episode Terminal Leave.

6. LuAnn Degroot, the main character in the LuAnn comic strip, has a dog and a cat. What are their names? Puddles and Cuddles

7. What was the name of the horse belonging to early western movie star Tom Mix? Bonus points if you can name the county and state where Tom Mix was born. Tony was the horse, and Tom Mix was born in Cameron County, PA where my parents and many dear friends are from.

8. What is the name of the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Salem

Archie Gang with Hot Dog and Salem

Archie Gang with Sabrina, Hot Dog and Salem. Hmm did we ever see Reggie & Sabrina together?

9. Who is the family pet of The Jetsons? Astro

“How’s it going Mr. Peterson?”
“It’s a dog eat dog world, Woody, and I’m wearing milk bone underwear.”
Norm from Cheers

About Shoeful of Drool

I lived with a golden retriever/German shepherd mix named Dudley. Dudley was a rescue from Hurricane Floyd and he lived with me from October 1999 until he passed away in December 2012. In January 2001, Zoe a black & tan hound mix came to live with us until she died in June 2011. I truly believe having dogs has made me a better person. Every single day these dogs still give me something to laugh about and I hope by sharing these stories you can laugh, too.
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  1. I’m so excited, and I have some very special plans for the gift card! I think you’ll be pleased. Thank you very much!

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