Doin’ the Happy Dance

The Happy Dance is how Dudley blew out his knee in the first place. Dudley has always been a “dancer”. Actually, he’s quite a good dancer, much better than me. His dance consists of jumping and twirling while making noise that I just call “singing”. Before his arthritis, I’d make him dance for his treats and he’d go into it on his own whenever he thought he was going for a walk. Sometimes he’d do it to remind me it was time to go for a walk, or get him a carrot or maybe just scratch his ears. Then the singing was more along the lines of a “harrumph” — he would have been great in Blazing Saddles.

Three Saturday’s ago, I was in the kitchen getting the leash and he must have slipped on the hardwood floor in the living room and hurt his knee. He never cried, and he’s been quite the trooper, conquering the steps that lead from the back yard to the deck. Yesterday, when he saw me put on my sneakers he did a little twirl, I tried to calm him down, I don’t want him to re-injure his knee, but he was going to dance.

Enjoying a bone.

Dudley enjoys his bone.

He raced down the hallway and into the kitchen so I could get his leash and harness on him (and 4-5 plastic bags and gloves for when I clean up his “business”) and off we went. He still favors that back right leg, but he sets a fairly fast pace for a senior dog, especially one with a knee injury. I had to cut the walk shorter than he wanted because he was so active kicking his hind legs and even hoisting his left leg balancing on the leg with the bad knee. I’m glad he’s feeling better, but he still needs to pamper that knee while the scar tissue grows. He’ll be cruising the counter again before you know it!

Counter Cruiser

Might there be a sirloin I could purloin?

To update the previous blog, Dudley slept on his new bed a few times this past week. I hear him get on it in the middle of the night.  I do lug it into the living room when I go to work, but he’s always on the floor when I get home. I think we’ve made progress.

With warm weather upon us, it is important to use flea and tick preventatives on your pet. These preventatives are not cheap, but I have found that DeadFleaz out of Australia offers the best deals on flea and tick preventatives and heartworm medication. Even with the shipping charges, the per dose cost is cheaper than anything I’ve found locally or elsewhere on the web. I’ve used them for at least 5 years and have no complaints. Stay on top of the pet food recalls, they can change rapidly.

The dog was created specially for children.  He is the god of frolic.  ~Henry Ward Beecher 

Ain’t that the truth?

About Shoeful of Drool

I lived with a golden retriever/German shepherd mix named Dudley. Dudley was a rescue from Hurricane Floyd and he lived with me from October 1999 until he passed away in December 2012. In January 2001, Zoe a black & tan hound mix came to live with us until she died in June 2011. I truly believe having dogs has made me a better person. Every single day these dogs still give me something to laugh about and I hope by sharing these stories you can laugh, too.
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